Special Guest Noah St.John


Stephanie Kathan sits down for a candid conversation about success with Noah St.John, who is known as “The Father of AFFORMATIONS”; Mental Health Coach to the Stars, working with Hollywood celebrities, 8-Figure company CEO’s, top executives and entrepreneurs; he has also been featured in over 1,000 media outlets including ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, as well as being a contributor for “Entrepreneur” and “Success” magazine– AND he’s the author of “Get Rid Of Your Head Trash About Money”.

Noah shared his story of having “success anorexia” what that means, and what he did about it. He also shared some tips from his own personal growth toolbox AND he even offered our listeners his latest book for free! Take a listen to find out where to get your copy! 



MindGrowRadio with special guest Lisa McCormick


Singer / songwriter, composer, recording artist, performer, Grammy nominee, founder of Getting Started with Guitar, and creative designer in her own jewelry company — Lisa McCormick joins Stephanie Kathan in the mind grow studio for a conversation about authenticity, success, and her journey as an entrepreneur. #MindGrowRadio #storyteller #series #conversationsthatgrowyourmind

MindGrow Radio with special guest Barbara Herschlein


Today we’re talking mindset, setting intentions and embracing your inner entrepreneur with special guest fellow Vermonter, Etsy store owner, jewelry designer and founder of Crazy Creations, AND a mother of five– Barbara Herschlein 

MindGrowRadio with special guest Ebeth Johnson


Stephanie sits down for a mindgrowing conversation about life as an entrepreneur, success, mindfulness, and the power of positive thought  –with nutritionish/chef, Mindful Eating, Delicious Living Coach, the creator of DelishLife Apparel, and all around awesome human, Ebeth Johnson.

MindGrowRadio with special guest Steve Gamlin


Stephanie sits down for a mindgrowing conversation with Keynote Speaker, Visionboarder, Humorist,  Motivational Firewood guy, and all around awesome human Steve Gamlin to talk about life, success, failure, mindset and so much more. 

MindGrowRadio with special guest Susan Palmer Wood


Stephanie sits down with mindset coach, speaker, trainer, master NLP and reiki practitioner Susan Palmer Wood to talk about the power of positive thought. #life, #success #mindset #selfhelp #personalgrowth #conversationsthatgrowyourmind 

The Power of Positive Thought with special guest G.Brian Benson


Stephanie takes a deep dive into a midgrowing conversation on the power of positive thought with 5x Author, Actor, TEDx Speaker, 4x Ironman, Podcaster, and now RV’ing across the USA as an advocate of child literacy– G. Brian Benson

MindGrowRadio Show Story Teller Series with special guest Dana Casely


Stephanie sits down with Dana Casley, a 51 year old mother, grandmother, cannabis chef, and the creator of Happy Panda Edibles; 

for a candid conversation about the power of positive thought, and how she was able to go from a life of depression and feeling stagnant, to a life of joy and abundance. PLUS Dana shares a couple of tips from her own personal growth tool-box.